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Proud Supplier of SALTO Systems

SALTO’s commitment to technological innovation has led them to become one of the worlds leading manufacturers of access control systems. The SALTO virtual network (svn) is a fully scaleable access control solution offering complete flexibility, ranging from a single door system up to 65,000 doors. Stand-alone locks read and write encrypted data via the secure data-on-card system developed by SALTO, utilising RFID technology. When a user presents a credential to the offline stand-alone door hardware, the two-way communication firstly reads the encoded user data and secondly, the hardware writes the user blacklist and battery level data back to the card or fob. As the user navigates through the premises this data is transmitted back to the server via online wall readers enabling the system administrator to monitor individual users movements and hardware statuses.

Salto Door Locks

The most cost effective way to provide software based access control to your customers.

Salto XS4 One

The salto xs4 one escutcheon is the newest addition of battery operated, stand-alone electronic door locks, bringing the latest technology in a modern and sleek design. evolved from the xs4 original, it is designed to fit the majority of euro profile doors, european mortise locks and cylinders and is available in a range of finishes… with the new option of a black or white reader head.

XS4 Mini

the xs4 mini offers a smaller, compact solution without compromising functionality and security. compatible with the svn, this robust, modern lock is an easy to install, wire free option making it suitable for a wide range of applications, particuarly student accommodation.


XS4 neo

the salto neo electornic cylinder is an ideal alternative when the installation of a xs4 handleset is not achievable or required. fully compatible with the new svn-flex, the neo is a versatile ip66 rated cylinder, already in use in commercial, education, healthcare, hospitality, co-living and retail environments.

A Element

A Element fusion removes visible lock hardware on the door by housing all electronic equipment internally within the door. the a element offers additional security and is available in standalone svn data-on-card and wireless online technologies whilst delivering a more aesthetically pleasing locking solution… as such this hardware is a popular choice for architects working on hospitality projects.

SALTO Online

When Locks and Cylinders can’t provide the correct solution, conventional online or offline controllers, paired with wall readers and third party locks can fill the gap.

XS4 2.0 ACU

The SALTO XS4 2.0 control unit is the latest door controller to bring full control to your online doors. The onboard ethernet port enables easy integration to the wider system providing real-time updates from the management software and acting as an online update point. This controller is capable of controlling up to two doors (subject to configuration) and integrates with electric strikes, magnet locks, barriers, elevators and more.

XS4 2.0 Offline ACU (CU4200)

The SALTO CU4200 is capable of acting either as an auxiliary controller or as an offline controller, reducing cost of installation where an online control unit is not suitable or required, without compromising security or functionality. This ACU is capable of controlling up to two doors (subject to configuration) and integrates with electric strikes, magnet locks, barriers, elevators and more. Similar to the offline escutcheons, data such as the audit trail can be retrieved and new user access rights can be uploaded to the controller via the wireless PPD.

XS4 2.0 Wall Reader

The SALTO XS4 2.0 wall reader seamlessly integrates with the XS4 2.0 control unit to provide an online, real-time update point. Acoustic and optical signalling provide confirmation of successful entry and denied access encapsulated in an IP66 rated housing.

SALTO KS (Cloud)

The SALTO KS is a cloud-based access control system offering flexible management and Remote monitoring all from the smartphone app. There is no need for physical carriers as mobile access keys can be issued to user’s smartphones remotely with Defined access rights to certain doors and time periods that automatically expire, Making this the perfect solution for environments such as coworking and shared office buildings.

Automated Gates and Barriers

All too often, emphasis of security is put onto a building’s perimeter and not the wider site itself. Effective external perimeter control can often prevent unauthorised personnel and vehicles getting as far as the building itself. We can offer a wide range of automatic gates and barriers, from high security sliding gates or ornate swing gates through to rapid boom arm road barriers. Control of these can be a basic as a single click of a button or as advanced as facial recognition or contactless credit/debit cards. Our experienced technical team are on hand to help you get the right solution.


Automated Doors

Whether they’re sliding, swinging or otherwise… Automatic doors can provide cost effective, inclusive and hygienic access into and around any building. In the UK, the Equality Act 2010 requires that building operators make ‘reasonable adaptions’ to their building to ensure all people, of all mobilities, are able to safely move around with dignity. Automatic doors also offer one of the best solutions for effective door hygiene control, by removing the common ‘touch point’ of a door push plate/handle where users are exposed to any contaminates left behind on the surfaces by those before them. Coupled with access control and its powerful timing/control capabilities, automatic doors can be programmed to be secure and change modes of operation automatically via a centralised software. Our experienced technical team are on hand to help you get the right solution.


Speed Lanes & Turnstiles

Speed Lanes over a state of the art, quick, effective and aesthetically pleasing way to manage access control into and around various building and premises. We can offer a wide range of solutions ranging from the cost effective tri-arm turnstile, through to the visually stunning, full height glazed speed lanes. Models can be tailored to a customer’s exact specification including quantity of lanes, their width, even down to their company logo on the reinforced glass. All our core products are designed and manufactured in the UK, meaning support, lead times and quality are market leading. Our experienced technical team are on hand to help you get the right solution.

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